We Don't
Sleep, We Dream.

We Are Creators Of
Happiness In Brussels.

We are creators

Of Love

About Bloody Louis

#bloodylouis is the biggest nighclub of Brussels. a whole world where international dj's meet.

My name is Louis, Bloody Louis. My home is located downtown, in the middle of the most famous street of Brussels city. I just love seeing people having fun and they are all welcome to my house every week-end to spend amazing nights. I create love, I am a music lover and I have friends who are dj's from all around the world. They are visiting me from time to time and I love to share their talents with you. Feel free to come and hear their universe every Friday and Saturday from 11PM to 6PM. I just want to share my happiness. See you there!


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Rentings? Birthdays? Cocktails? Concerts? Mariages? Seminars? Give us a phone call or write us an e-mail.

+32 (472) 444444
+32 (475) 490465


Bloody Louis
Louise Avenue 32, Brussels.